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Starmer slammed after failing to mention migrants’ rights in ‘weird’ essay

A Romanian-British Labor politician expressed her disappointment at Keir Starmer’s rare mention of European migrants in his recent 14,000-word essay.

Alexandra Bulat, who is the UK’s first Romanian-born county councilor, said she searched for words such as ‘migrants’, ‘immigrants’ and ‘EU citizens’ in Starmer’s essay, but that she only found them mentioned “in passing.”

And she believes that in order to have “effective opposition” to the Conservatives’ hostile environmental policies and the Nationality and Borders Bill, Labor should have a “very robust and positive immigration policy.”

The Keir Starmer essay

She said London’s economy: “In Keir Starmer’s essay, migration was only mentioned in the context of ‘we must meet the challenges of our time, such as climate change, terrorism and migration’. I found it quite strange that migration appeared in the same sentence as terrorism – and climate change too, because for me these are very different topics.

“I think this was a missed opportunity to advocate for immigration to the UK as many Labor MPs, Members and activists would like to see a bit more detail in our immigration policies.”

“It was an opportunity to say: ‘Labor is on the side of migrants, we are going to change immigration policy, which would actually improve the lives of migrants in the UK.”

Labor Party Conference

At this week’s Labor Party conference, Bulat asked Starmer on behalf of Migrants for Labor about migrants’ voting rights.

She said Starmer had promised support for voting rights in England and Northern Ireland would be consistent with Scotland and Wales, where all residents, regardless of nationality, can vote in local elections.

But Bulat thinks Starmer should go further and deliver a clear “collective as a party opinion” when it comes to migrants. Earlier this year, while campaigning for the local election, many people asked her what Labor’s position was on immigration.

She believes he should also lead the way by materializing promises made to migrants at the 2019 party conference under Corbyn.

The life of migrants “easier under Labor”

Overall, she believes immigration policy would be “much better for migrants” under a Labor government.

“We just have to look at what the Labor government has done in the past and how immigration policy has become increasingly harsh now since Theresa May introduced hostile environment policy,” said Bulat. TLE.

She added: “All immigration controls are delegated to owners and employers and migrants must prove their worth and status every step of the way. They don’t have a standard so I really think a Labor government would do a lot better and should do a lot better on immigration.

“With the leadership of the Conservative government at the moment, unfortunately for migrant voters and all those who support a decent immigration policy, the situation is getting worse and worse.”

Shortages in the UK

She said the current UK-wide shortages are a prime example of why Conservative immigration policies are steadily worsening.

She believes the government’s response to the problem, which is to allow 10,000 EU workers on short-term visas until Christmas, is “not a solution”.

She said, “You have to offer something, you can’t just say, ‘we’ll let you come here for three months just to do us a favor and fill a shortage.’ This would in fact make the life of migrants more difficult.

“A lot of migrants don’t come here just to work for three months, some of us find partners here, some of us have family here.

“And some of us want more rights than the three-month temporary employment contract. We have to think about what we are offering people, how do we make the UK attractive again? “

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