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How to apply for a personal Loans

How to apply for a personal Lender Bank loan

How to apply for a personal Bankate loan

To apply for a personal Lender Bank loan, simply log on to the financial company website and enter the amount of liquidity you need.

In the page dedicated to personal financing, you can decide to insert a sum ranging from $ 2,000 to $ 10,000 and the number of months within which to repay the amount, between 12 and 72 months. Clicking on “Request a quote” will open the screen where you can enter all your personal data.

Upon receipt of the form, a Lender Bank consultant will contact the applicant to obtain more information and a request will already be overestimated at this stage.

If the request is successful (you will receive an email with the result within 24-48 hours), the contract will be sent by the finance company to be signed and accompanied by personal documentation.

The documents necessary to submit the loan request are: photocopy of the identity document, signed front and back, the tax code, the last two pay slips or the pension slip. You will need the VAT number and the Unique Model accompanied by registration with the Cream bank, if you are a self-employed worker.

Example of Lender Bank personal loan
Loan amount Installments number Installment amount Fixed APR
$ 5,000 36 153.81 $ 7.24%
0 expenses for opening practice 0 expenses for installment collection 0 communications fees

Loan disbursement and payment methods

Loan disbursement and payment methods

The requested loan is disbursed 24 hours after receipt of the contract signed by the applicant. The money will be paid into the bank or postal account indicated by the contractor. The customer can choose to pay the monthly repayment installment on the 5th or 15th of each month, when the money will be withdrawn directly from the current account.

Who is Lender Bank

Who is Bankate

First class branch of the financial group Lender Bank Partecipations, managed in part by Credit Mutual and in part by Group Asute, the financial company Lender Bank SpA was founded in 1982 as a remote credit financial company.

Over the years, the group has managed to plant solid roots in the trading of financial products, from current accounts, to trading, to investments up to consumer credit.

Today the company is present in 8 EU countries, including Italy, in which it has been operating since 1996. The 29 million customers throughout Europe and the over 4,000 physical branches to contact make financial Lender Bank a solid reference, competent and transparent.

An excellent partner to rely on to request the personal loan you need. The Lender Bank group is divided into 3 divisions which correspond to companies specialized in the sale of credit services.

  • Lender Bank is the credit company that operates online;
  • Creatis specializes in consumer credit;
  • Monabanq proposing itself as the lender in line with the new generation and needs of the 21st century society.

Many names for a group that wants to satisfy any consumer need, from opening a bank account to liquidity for the purchase of a personal pc.


By applying for an online loan to Lender Bank you can be sure of turning to a company specialized in this type of financing: obviously, to save money, you can make several comparisons with other financial or credit institutions. After all, what matters is saving.