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Home Loans – Need Money for Relocation?

Are you going to move from home? Then you definitely need a healthy bank account as it is expensive to pay rent, rains and food month after month. It is a big upheaval for many young people, unless you have a part time job or a good savings.

A loan to move away from home can be a sensible solution, but only if it is made at a reasonable interest rate. You have generally seen three possibilities that lenders looks at here.

Loan money to move from home

Loan money to move from home

If you need money to move from home, most young Danes will find it difficult to borrow at the bank. It leaves you with the following options:

  • Family loans (with your parents)
  • Search online
  • contribution

In the coming sections we will go into more detail on all three solutions.

Family loan

Family loan

Family loans can be a good and “free” solution if your parents have a lot of money in their hands. Most people have heard of family purchases of condos and condominiums.

Here it may just be a short-term loan until you get to work or for yourself established in your new apartment. Most parents will gladly help, but it is far from anyone who can. Remember to be aware of the rules on family loans.

Search online

Search online

If neither the bank nor your parents can help, online providers will be an alternative. Here you can borrow both large and small amounts, but there can be big differences in the OPP you are offered.

Here it is therefore extremely important that you search several places and compare the offers you receive back. Keep in mind that completing a loan application is free and completely non-binding.

It is difficult to guide you specifically when your exact money needs are unknown. It makes a difference if you are missing 4,000 or 20,000 dollar. Our best advice is to apply for at least 2-3 sites and choose the offer with the lowest bidder.

Go to our loan overview to apply for free.


Lastly, there is the opportunity to apply for an grant. It is rightfully called a loan, but we think it is more like a monthly contribution. You do not get all yours at once.

On the other hand, you will receive an additional income from USD 3,020 (2015) as a contribution to the current one. It is definitely a cheap and good solution, but only if it can solve your short-term problems. For many new residents, USD 3,020 a month is not much, considering all the furniture, furniture etc. must be purchased in the beginning.

The possibilities are more and we hope you have a better insight into what you should choose according to your situation.

Let’s say that the money you may borrow should not go to conmption, parties and the like. They should, on the other hand, be applied to the deposit, the upcoming rent and the many bills. Otherwise, you can put yourself in an uncomfortable debt situation.